When you receive your custom made Sports Guard, it is important that you first wear the guard during mundane, everyday activities while at home for 30 minutes — an hour on the first day, then the same for the second day. This ensures that you get used to wearing the appliance, learn how it feels, and to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made. Small changes can be made very easily and only takes a few minutes. In this case please call and set up a time that works best for you.

Patients can sometimes feel that it is a lot of plastic in their mouth right away and that they salivate quite a bit, but with the first two days’ wear, it becomes more comfortable and easier to tolerate. After the adjustment period, you are free to use the Sports Guard during all sporting activities.

After wearing the sports guard you can rinse it off with water, put it back in the case, and when you get home give it a brush to keep it clean. Always keep the Guard in the protective case provided when not in use, so it will not get damaged or accidentally thrown away.

All of the removable appliances that we provide here can be brought in every 6 months for a complimentary cleaning while you see the hygienist for your routine appointment. If there is any need for a thorough clean before the 6-month appointment, we are happy to clean them for you, which takes approx. 15 minutes.